Adam Graham

Watching movies and tv is literally one of the first memories that I have. Some may say that's sad, but not me. It's lead to one of my true passions in life. Whether it's wildly age inappropriate movies like A Clockwork Orange, Elm Street series, and Candyman (I watched most while still in the single digits). Adventure classics like Indiana Jones, Goonies and the Neverending Story. Mind bending cult-classics like Donnie Darko, Dark City and Beetlejuice. Or lesser known films like The Chumbscrubber, Mysterious Skin, and so many more. I LOVE THEM ALL! And, that's just movies, don't even get me started on TV. As a lifelong entertainment fan, I can't wait to share my knowledge with the BTS listeners. If I had a dream sheet of interviews to conduct it would look a bit like this - Malcolm McDowell Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jeffrey Tambor, Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Jason Bateman, John Carpenter, Ryan Murphy - In that order. 

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