Sean Grimes

Sean started his long long movie obsession at the tender age of 7 (in the early 1980’sish) on his first viewing of Jaws which kept him out most bodies of water for the first 14 years of his life. Later on as a manager extraordinaire of a regional movie chain he saw effectively every movie between 1997-2003. Not the best, not the worst, time for cinema. 

Sean is the guy that you would like around to remember the fruit of death in the God Father series (oranges) and could tell you at the drop of a hat who originally sang “Lonely Teardrops” from Leaving Las Vegas (Jackie Wilson, FYI - the song was written by Berry Gordy giving him the funds needed to start Tamla (the predecessor to Motown).

He also spent his formative years studying classical music that led to jazz, rock, folk and new RnB - playing music is not only something that holds to his soul, but to his rump shaken.

Sean finds himself in the IT field to pay his bills, but considers himself the renaissance fella of this group - bringing the existential to Behind The Scenes.

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