Episode 7 - J R Richards

On this episode of Behind The Scenes, we were extremely excited to interview one of my favorite musicians J R Richards.  J R is probably best known as the original lead singer/songwriter for the alternative rock band Dishwalla. Dishwalla climbed the charts in 1996 with their single "Counting Blue Cars" from the album Pet Your Friends, which also contains one of my very favorite songs of all time; "Charlie Brown's Parents." In this episode we discuss everything from songwriting, inspiration, and the amazing humanitarian efforts J R has been a part of. It was an absolute honor to interview J R, he is an amazing person, and an absolute pleasure to speak with. When they say "don't meet your heroes," they weren't talking about this guy. My only regret on this episode is that we didn't have more time to keep talking. I had so many questions, and I have to admit I was a bit frazzled speaking to someone I admire so much, so they didn't all come out coherently (some didn't come out at all). Perhaps we can follow up with J R down the road. Thanks again for the amazing conversation J R. Everyone be sure to check out J R's solo album "Honore ET Amore" (Walls is my personal favorite on this album) and his latest release "Stripped," which features stripped down versions of songs from Pet Your Friends (be sure to give Charlie Brown's Parents a listen on that one).








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